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Beijing Ousibei Technology Co., Ltd., one of the subsidiaries of Netmarkting Inc., provides enterprises with competitive software development solutions.

The story of the organization started in Zhongguancun of Beijing with couples of expatriate Asian Americans. Step by step, we currently have subsidiaries in Tokyo (APAC business center), Taipei( mobile software development center), Jinan(multilingual customer care call center), Yangon( IT operation and management center) with more than 30 senior frontend and backend engineers on board.

Our major clients include Microsoft Japan, ANA, Canon, Central Power, CITIC housing, Dentsu advertising and other large big players in APAC. We have expertise in terms of BPO and software outsourcing.

The group of companies  brings together Mainland Chinese, American, Japanese,  French and many other multilingual marketing and business development talents, not only through various languages to communicate with customers on development needs, but also in Europe and the United States has a wealth of international marketing and business development resources in helping  customers grow their business not only out of China but to  the world.

The following domains are what we excel in:

Android and iOS mobile APP development (PHP / HTML5/asp.net/asp.core/obejection C……)

● Localization of the corporation’s  website in any given project

●Facilitators in Japan Inbound and Outbound Tourism Market

● Online Language Education Project, Enterprise Package for learning Chinese and a Cross-Platform Learning Management Solution(LMS) for the new business set up.