Ten Ways to Solve the Problem of Application Development Needing Assist by Manufacturers Responding Slowly

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Today, the world has changed a lot for the corona virus. People had to work differently as they worked before. Like the other people, application developers have to face the same condition as the other people. Every people are adapting themselves with the deadly outbreak especially in this period. Since every people are working from home, it is very difficult to cooperate with each other. In application development, it is even harder for the application developers to work and cooperate with their manufacturers.

Since it is even harder to work than before, Osbay describes some ways to solve the problem of application development especially in this period.


  1. Adaptability

It is very important for everyone to have adaptability. Human is different from every living organism in the world not because of their power, but because of their brain. Adaptability means the ability to respond smartly and smoothly in every condition. It is the ability that everyone should have especially developers working in application development. They should be ready in every condition. Since they are working from home in this period, they would not get any help from their colleagues where they usually get before. So it is very important to face every condition according to the situation.

The application development is not easy. And it even gets harder especially in this period. Thus, adaptability is the most important ability that is most important in application development. This ability will help the developers the most while support from the manufacturers are a bit slow during these days.


  1. Creativity

To beat the spread of novel Corona Virus, everyone is working from home. To solve the unexpected problems in the application development, everyone should create their own creations in this period. In previous days, team spirit could lead the application development to success. But, today, creativity is the essential ability. Application developers should create new things that help people. They should create applications that help them in their staying at home. They should create some adjustment that fits with this period. They should make new created software applications that helps people in this novel corona virus period.

And application developers should create new things that would please manufacturers. Since the world’s economy is very bad in this period, it is difficult for the manufacturers to distribute any application in the market. So, to lead the application industry and to please the manufacturers, every developer should consider some new creation that helps to make their application development successful.


  1. Determination

Determination is one of the most important abilities that application development demands. Application development is a massive case. So, a good decision can make the whole process successful. And also the wrongful decision can also make the whole effort useless. So, making a good determination is essential in the application development. Since the whole process of application development needs more precise decision especially in this period where the support from the application are slow.

So, the application developers should help themselves by finding the right ways that help them in their application development. They should consider ways after ways for the best solution. They should think all the possible outcomes and choose the best one for the best results instead of their manufacturers.


  1. Logical Thinking

The word “logic” comes from a Greek word meaning “Reason”. It is very important for the developers to have logical thinking in application development. Only if so, they would be able to make their decision based on the actual data. If not so, emotion is a big annoyance in making decision. Since application development is a very complicated work, it is very important to control the emotions. If not so, those emotions can make a huge result in making the right decision.

Logical thinkers observe and analyze phenomena, reactions, and feedback and then draw conclusions based on the actual facts. They can justify their strategies, actions and decisions based on the facts they gather. They make their decisions through their logical facts but not through their emotions. In this period where people cannot fully concentrate, logical thinking is helpful in application development.

When manufacturers cannot supply the fundamental things, it is very important for a developer to see clearly through logical thinking. At that time, they are not only developers, they themselves become manufacturers because they are in a position where the manufacturers are. Like the manufacturers, they should make their thinking logically in their application development.


  1. Problem Solving

During application development, the application developers are not working with their colleagues. They would be working while staying at home. At work, their environment is those people who know the application development. But at home, their environment is those people who do not know what application development is. Before the corona virus outbreak at work, the developers can ask for your help from those people who are sitting next to them. But in this period, they cannot ask for help as usual because social distancing is really a thing what makes a distance between colleagues. If those application developers do not use virtual meeting application like TutorRoom for their application development, it would be very difficult to get help from their colleagues.

And the application developers can face problems that their colleagues cannot help. Those problems may be those things that only the application manufacturers can help. So, it is very important for the application developers to have the ability of problem solving. Because during this novel corona virus outbreak, every supply would be slow and you are the only one who can best help yourself solve the problems.


  1. Patience

Patience is a good ability in application development. It is a necessity not only in this novel corona virus period but also in the previous days. Patience is an ability to understand the others. Everyone need to be patient when they face a situation what they do not want at all. Because of the slow response of everything in this corona virus, everyone need to be patient to work well and to create a pleasant working condition.

Since the economy is slow in these days, the developers cannot see clearly what difficulties the manufacturers are facing. They need to be patient and adapt in every condition. Patience is the thing that had helped developers in the previous days as well as in these days in their application development.


  1. Self-Development

Before these corona virus, people had to work in an office. They can ask for help for any difficulty they face. But these days, the developers cannot ask for help from their colleagues as well as developers. So, they need to upgrade a bit themselves to adapt the current situation in their application development. Self-development is the only solution to respond smartly when the supply from the manufacturers is a bit slow.

In fact, self-development is an essential thing during these days in application development. Application developers should upgrade themselves to do more or to capable more than before. Self-development would be helpful in their careers to step forward. They should help themselves only with self-development in their career or application development.


  1. Interpersonal skills

This is essential even in remote application development. Unless you develop software for yourself, other people are going to influence your career as a software developer. You should work for the application development that they want. You should cooperate with application manufacturers, customers and other application developers. The ability to work well on a team, communicate effectively and have the desire to learn new skills are critical traits for a well-rounded software developer in their application development.

And in a condition when your application manufacturers cannot support you immediately, you should use your interpersonal skills to demonstrate how much important their supply is. This is the most important thing for you in this period in your application development. If you are a leader in your team, you must manage your members using your interpersonal skills when you cannot fulfill their needs.


  1. Empathy

Being able to empathize with your team members as well as your manufacturer allows you to fully understand the problems that they face and find a way to make your project work for everyone. Empathy is the most essential thing when the manufacturers are facing problems to supply his software developers.

And also suggesting new ideas when the supply from your manufacturers is much easier when there is an understanding between the software developers and their manufacturers. It would remove any negative feedback or mockery, no matter how someone feels about an idea.

Empathy allows the software developers to predict how others are likely to react to what they say, meaning that they can tailor how they speak to their manufacturers. If you do not like the idea of a manufacturer with their slow supply, ask yourself why. Then when you give feedback, start off by saying something positive about their slow supply, then what you do not like, and finish off on another positive. This “sandwich” approach means that the person you are giving feedback to would not dwell on the negatives but will understand the pros and cons of their idea.


  1. Teamwork

No matter what you do, there will be time a time when you would have to work as a part of a team. Whether it is a team of developers, designers, manufacturers or a project team, developers need to work well with others to be successful in their software development.

Working well with others especially your manufacturers would make what you are working on more fun and makes your manufacturers more likely to help you in the future.

You may not always agree with your manufacturers especially in this novel corona virus outbreak, but having different points of view always helps to build more successful software application development.

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